Celebrity Tattoos

Celebrity tattoos are great inspirations for young boys and girls wishing to copy style icons. In this category we have put together some of the most popular celebrity names with unique tattoos. Moreover, there are interesting stories behind each celebrity tattoo.

Celebrity Tattoo Designs; Drake’s Tattoos


Drake is more than a name, it is a label that makes millions of young boys copy his style. Today we are inspired by his tattoos and searched information about the meaning and history behind each tattoo. And yes, we do love celebrity tattoo designs, Drake’s tattoos will definitely inspire us.

Crazy Marvel Tattoo Ideas

marvel tattoo

The number of Marvel comics’ fans counts millions all over the world. True fans have every Marvel accessory starting from clothes and ending with weapons. Some got everything seriously and tattooed favorite Marvel superheroes as an eternal symbol of their devotion. These crazy Marvel tattoo ideas are an absolute trend of coming season.

Celebrity Tattoos: Tom Hardy Tattoos

Tom-Hardy tattoos

The sex symbol of several generations, talented actor, animal lover and simply the kindest person Tom Hardy is again on the spotlight. We love him with or without tattoos but he is so much perfect with his super cool tattoos covering his oh-so-sexy body. We do love exploring celebrity tattoo, Tom Hardy tattoos are the new topic.

Celebrity Tattoos: Angelina Jolie Tattoos

angelina jolie tattoos

Angelina Jolie is an inspiration for many of for her beauty and talent. There is something about the celebrity that inspires us. It is Angelina Jolie’s numerous tattoos that cover her super sexy body. Every single image on her body has its history and symbolism. Let’s take a closer look at the most visible Angelina Jolie tattoos and find out what they hide behind them.

Popular Butterfly Tattoos for Women

butterfly tattoo

One of the most fascinating and elegant symbol tattoo is butterfly. Though insect, butterfly is a unique creature that undergoes dramatic transformation during time. This meaning is interpreted into unique tattoo designs. Today we have a huge collection of amazing butterfly tattoos. Take a closer look at this gallery of popular butterfly tattoo ideas for women.

Precieless Diamond Tattoo Ideas

diamond tattoo

Diamonds are girls’ best friends but believe me, once you get a diamond tattoo you will forget about the real ones. What do we know about diamond tattoos? They look perfect, they look expensive and they definitely are meant to decorate body. As for deeper meaning and symbolism we have looked through the history of those priceless diamond tattoo ideas and found out the unique meaning of symbol tattoo.

Mystic Arabic Tattoo Quotes & Meaning

arabic quote tattoo

Tattoo quotes are among the top popular styles in tattoo trends 2019. In fact, tattoo quote is a great way to express your thoughts and at the same time have a cute tattoo.  Mystic Arabic tattoo quotes look captivating and alluring. No one will know the meaning of your tattoo unless you want to tell the secret. You can hide a very special word or quote behind your tattoo and wear it as a reminder. For common Arabic quotes and popular tattoo quotes we have picked these adorable tattoos.

25+ Beautiful Name Tattoo Designs

name tattoo

Quote and name tattoos are top trending tattoo designs 2019. These amazing tattoos are popular for both men and women. The very special symbolism hidden behind each name tattoo makes them so unique. This is why we have decided to inspire you get a beautiful name tattoo. For a dose of inspiration, check out this gallery of 25+ beautiful name tattoos.

Celebrity Tattoos: Lady Gaga

lady gaga tattoos

Lady Gaga is definitely the brightest and the most épatage artist of our times. She had a lifetime struggle and finally became the person we admire now. Lady Gaga tattoos are part of her story. They can tell much about her life and personality. This post about celebrity tattoos is devoted to Lady Gaga tattoos and their meaning.

Hottest Hand tattoo designs 2019

hand tattoo 2019

Take a time to look through the gallery of hottest hand tattoo designs 2019 for men and women. Those top hand tattoo ideas are picked from coming trends and if you have decided to get your hands inked, this post is the one you were looking for.