Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are one of the best things to get tattooed body with absolutely no risk. Thanks to new techniques there are infinite temporary tattoo designs to choose. The tattoo stickers may last from two weeks up to several months. There are also natural products like henna to get a temporary. Traditional henna tattoo is used for special events to decorate body.

50+Temporary Tattoo Designs

temporary tattoo

Still craving for a tattoo? Once you get a tattoo, you will never stop on just one image. It starts from a tiny tattoo and ends with a fully covered body. Still, there are girls and boys who still can’t make up mind to get that very first tiny tattoo and what they can do is simply “suffer”. Well this was until temporary tattoos came into the limelight. There are some innovations that are absolutely brilliant and we can’t imagine our life without them. For us, temporary tattoo is an absolute lifesaver. 50 temporary tattoo designs with applying tips will help you to become the part of tattooed community at least for a while.

Temporary Henna Tattoos

temporary tattoo

Temporary tattoo is one of the most amazing thing we could have in tattooing world. There are so many cases that one cannot wear a permanent tattoo like skin problems, social impact, religion and etc. Yet there are millions who wish to get a tattooed body even for a day or two. Here comes the temporary tattoo that can decorate your body with any image and it will look absolutely gorgeous. When it comes to henna tattoos they are completely different “religion” and we have a special respect about them. Temporary henna tattoos are extremely popular today but most of you don’t even know the story behind this tattoo and what henna is.

50+ Sexy Lower Back Tattoo Ideas

lower back tattoos

Welcome back to the world of trendiest tattoos. We are here now to check out 50+ sexy lower back tattoos for women that are nothing but striking. Lower back tattoo designs are picked from tattoo trends 2019 and look more than perfect.

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