Tattoo trends 2023

  • Crazy Marvel Tattoo Ideas

    Crazy Marvel Tattoo Ideas

    The number of Marvel comics’ fans counts millions all over the world. True fans have every Marvel accessory starting from clothes and ending with weapons. Some got everything seriously and tattooed favorite Marvel superheroes as an eternal symbol of their devotion. These crazy Marvel tattoo ideas are an absolute trend of coming season.

  • 35 Unique Phoenix Tattoo designs

    35 Unique Phoenix Tattoo designs

    Tattoo is definitely one of the brightest and the most creative way to express your personality and make it really eye catching. No wonder why we have millions of tattooed people that have chosen this unique art as self-expression.  We do love all of you and we do appreciate your presence on our website. As […]

  • 30+ Star Tattoo Ideas & Meaning

    30+ Star Tattoo Ideas & Meaning

    Mystical symbols and signs always attracted attention and star is one of them. In tattoo trends 2019 we have amazing star tattoos that are worth to be copied. All of them carry the meaning and symbolism of the sign. If you are thinking over getting a star tattoo, check out this gallery of 30 star […]

  • Black & Blue Rose Tattoo Designs

    Black & Blue Rose Tattoo Designs

    Rose is the queen of the flowers and the most inspiring flower for body art. We have so many gorgeous rose flower tattoo designs that are absolute trends for 2019 and we are going to talk in details about them later. For now, let’s find out some unique colors of roses and noteworthy tattoo ideas. […]

  • 35 Impressive Raven Tattoo Ideas

    35 Impressive Raven Tattoo Ideas

    One of the most impressive and mysterious tattoo images is raven that was always surrounded by some kind of dark magic and mystery. To find out what exactly means raven tattoo and how to wear it properly check out those 35 impressive raven tattoo ideas with meaning.

  • 50+ Cosmic Tattoo Designs

    50+ Cosmic Tattoo Designs

    Mysterious space and planets always attracted humans with their endless beauty. The colors, the shapes and the sheen are combined in the most beautiful way to create unique tattoo designs. As a result we have a new cosmic tattoo style that immediately catches attention. To get you know what we are talking about, we have […]

  • Cool Clock Tattoo Pictures

    Cool Clock Tattoo Pictures

    Time is priceless and the one who realizes and appreciates it, he rules the time. Clock is the way to count time, well at least you may try to count and control time. Clock tattoo is the best way to be one of the chosen. Besides, clock tattoo is a popular theme for tattoo idea […]

  • 60 Tiniest Finger Tattoo Designs

    60 Tiniest Finger Tattoo Designs

    Stylish tattoo is not always a large and eye catching image that covers the whole body. You can wear a tiny tattoo and it will still look amazing if you know the meaning of your symbol tattoo. Tiny tattoo is a great option in case if you have no chance to get a bigger one. […]

  • Flawless Geometric Tattoo Ideas

    Flawless Geometric Tattoo Ideas

    One of the hottest and most popular tattoo trends 2019 is geometric tattoo style. It is an exceptional style that is suitable virtually for everyone regardless of religion, skin color, gender, sex and etc. We do admire all the unique designs and we have spent so much time looking for flawless geometric tattoo designs. What […]

  • Very Special Tree of Life Tattoos

    Very Special Tree of Life Tattoos

    The image of the tree of life is seen everywhere. It has a unique symbolism and it is believed that the symbol brings good luck. Besides of its common symbolism tree of life has very interesting meaning. This makes the image one of the most popular symbol tattoos. To get more information about the history […]

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