blackwork tattoo

65 New Blackwork Tattoo Ideas

It’s an absolute mess or an absolute perfection, the darkness on the sun and the light at the end of the tunnel? You start thinking any abstract and accident thought when you see a blackwork tattoo and any thought would be characteristic. The thing is that blackwork tattoo is one of the most controversial and least traditional style of body art. To make it clear we have put together 65 new blackwork tattoo ideas that look non-realistic and non-traditional.

What is blackwork tattoo style? The trend gained popular just recently and it is already couple of years that we see it around. It looks really impressive especially when covers a large part of body. Blackwork tattoo is a design with filled black spots or completely filled black lines with no shading. Traditional blackwork tattoo has no other color but black. Still, tattoo trends 2019 include some new ideas with colorful details.


Blackwork tattoo is mostly an abstract image, geometric lines and figures, the details of tribal tattoos and simply massive black blocks. One of the first blackwork tattoo that inspired modern designs was tribal Polynesian tattoo style. Those tribal tattoos composed of black geometric lines. Later tattoo artists understood that dark tattoos actually look cool and they may work as a separate tattooing style.

One of the simplest and less dramatic blackwork tattoo is transformed style with black blocks. It can be a single image on arm, wrist or back. When we are talking about modern and bold blackwork style they are placed in a larger parts or even cover great half of the body.

Blackwork tattoo covering the whole back and lower back, sleeves, shoulders and foot look absolutely mind blowing. Black blocks are mostly combined with lines and dotwork, most crazy styles are completely inked parts that may even look a bit scary.