Celtic Tribal Tattoos

Today modern tattooing techniques make it possible to realize any crazy idea. It is quite possible to become the owner of a unique tattoo. Alongside with the development of tattooing trends traditional tattoos are still popular. Tribal tattoos are as well trendy tattoo designs due to their unique symbolism and meaning. Celtic tribal tattoos are getting even more popular thanks to their gorgeous look and symbolism. Stay tuned and check out the most impressive tribal tattoos 2019.

The history of Celtic tribal tattoo is connected with warriors. The symbols on body were meant to emphasize their power and strength. Celtic tribal tattoos were inked on visible parts to attract enemies’ attention like chest, shoulder and scalp. More often they could wear nothing on a battlefield but their tattoos. That looked really shocking for the enemy.

celtic tribal tattoo


There are several Celtic symbols that are popular now as trendy tattoos. One of the most frequently seen tattoo is Celtic cross tattoo resembles a cross in a circle. It looks simple yet it is very impressive in its simplicity. Celtic cross symbolizes God’s eternal love. Long before Christianity, the Celtic cross was phallic symbol for druids. Neo-pagans used it as the symbol of sun.

Celtic knot is another popular tribal tattoo that is also called endless knot. It is the best choice for girls to be placed on finger, neck and wrist. Celtic knot has several types with different meaning. All of them are believed to have magical power. Celtic love knot is a great choice for couples as a matching tattoo. It means love and connection of two.

Celtic Trinity knot is the most powerful symbol tattoo that means Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In pagan world it meant Mother, Maiden and Crone. In modern reality it is interpreted as the Trinity of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Celtic Shamrock or three-leaf clover is the symbol of luck, fortune and the Holy Trinity. Sometimes it is confused with four-leaf clover. Each leaf of the clover has its meaning; faith, love, hope and luck.

celtic tribal tattoo on finger

celtic tribal tattoo on shoulder


celtic tribal tattoo on back

celtic tribal tattoo on arm

celtic tribal tattoo on neck

celtic tribal tattoo on shoulder

celtic tribal tattoo on shoulder

celtic tribal tattoo on arm