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  • Popular Butterfly Tattoos for Women

    Popular Butterfly Tattoos for Women

    One of the most fascinating and elegant symbol tattoo is butterfly. Though insect, butterfly is a unique creature that undergoes dramatic transformation during time. This meaning is interpreted into unique tattoo designs. Today we have a huge collection of amazing butterfly tattoos. Take a closer look at this gallery of popular butterfly tattoo ideas for […]

  • Top Popular Lion Animal Tattoos

    Top Popular Lion Animal Tattoos

    Wonder why we so much love lion tattoos? Check out this collection of top popular lion animal tattoos that include the best examples of tattoo ideas 2019.

  • Precieless Diamond Tattoo Ideas

    Precieless Diamond Tattoo Ideas

    Diamonds are girls’ best friends but believe me, once you get a diamond tattoo you will forget about the real ones. What do we know about diamond tattoos? They look perfect, they look expensive and they definitely are meant to decorate body. As for deeper meaning and symbolism we have looked through the history of […]

  • Mystic Arabic Tattoo Quotes & Meaning

    Mystic Arabic Tattoo Quotes & Meaning

    Tattoo quotes are among the top popular styles in tattoo trends 2019. In fact, tattoo quote is a great way to express your thoughts and at the same time have a cute tattoo.  Mystic Arabic tattoo quotes look captivating and alluring. No one will know the meaning of your tattoo unless you want to tell […]

  • Mysterious Moon Tattoo Designs

    Mysterious Moon Tattoo Designs

    The moon is one of the most mysterious celestial bodies that always attracted humanity. It is surrounded with secrets and we hope that one day we will find out what is hidden on he other side of the moon. Just like sun tattoos the moon is a unique tattoo symbol with meaning. The one who […]

  • 60 Best Rose Tattoos 2019

    60 Best Rose Tattoos 2019

    One of the most appealing and popular flower tattoo is rose tattoo that looks amazing on woman and man’s body. Besides of looking so perfect the queen of the flowers has the most interesting meaning and symbolism. As a tattoo it can tell much about your personality so be careful when choosing rose tattoo. To […]

  • Unique Dragonfly Tattoo Ideas 2019

    Unique Dragonfly Tattoo Ideas 2019

    Tiny tattoos are so much loved by women and they look so adorable. One of the special symbols for tiny tattoo is dragonfly tattoo design that looks absolutely stunning on gentle body. Besides of looking cool dragonfly has very special symbolism and meaning hidden behind. This collection of unique dragonfly tattoo ideas 2019 include the […]

  • “Carpe Diem” Tattoo Quotes

    “Carpe Diem” Tattoo Quotes

    New year with a new tattoo! This is going to be the motto for all tattoo addicts and we do love the idea of having one new tattoo every year. “Carpe diem” tattoo is another creative tattoo to decorate body. If you don’t know what the quote tattoo means and where to get quote tattoo, […]

  • Fantastic Owl Tattoo Ideas 2019

    Fantastic Owl Tattoo Ideas 2019

    The wise man should definitely wear an owl tattoo. What for? Owl tattoo is not just a unique body art but an important symbol. Owl tattoo will not only decorate your body but make your personality more complete. This gallery of fantastic owl tattoo ideas 2019 has all the newest bird tattoos from tattoo trends […]

  • 50 Adorable Heart Tattoo Designs

    50 Adorable Heart Tattoo Designs

    Heart, the symbol of love and life, can be an amazing tattoo symbol. It is A tattoo for both men and women especially when it comes to modern heart tattoo designs. We have spent much time looking for the best heart tattoos. As a result we have got 50 adorable heart tattoo designs of different […]