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35 Spiritual Lotus Tattoo Ideas 2019

lotus tattoo

Lotus flower looks so beautiful and at the same time it is deeply connected with religion and spirituality. Due to its unique meaning and symbolism lotus tattoo is extremely popular and some of the newest designs are included in tattoo trends 2019. In search of the best tattoo we have created this gallery of 35 spiritual lotus tattoo ideas 2019 for your inspiration.  

Black & Blue Rose Tattoo Designs

rose tattoo

Rose is the queen of the flowers and the most inspiring flower for body art. We have so many gorgeous rose flower tattoo designs that are absolute trends for 2019 and we are going to talk in details about them later. For now, let’s find out some unique colors of roses and noteworthy tattoo ideas. We have picked unique black and blue rose tattoo designs for men and women that can make your individuality complete.

60 Tiniest Finger Tattoo Designs

finger tattoo

Stylish tattoo is not always a large and eye catching image that covers the whole body. You can wear a tiny tattoo and it will still look amazing if you know the meaning of your symbol tattoo. Tiny tattoo is a great option in case if you have no chance to get a bigger one. Small tattoo will look flawless on any part of body yet we are going to start with fingers. These 60 tiniest finger tattoo designs are going to be future tattoo trends 2019.

50+Temporary Tattoo Designs

temporary tattoo

Still craving for a tattoo? Once you get a tattoo, you will never stop on just one image. It starts from a tiny tattoo and ends with a fully covered body. Still, there are girls and boys who still can’t make up mind to get that very first tiny tattoo and what they can do is simply “suffer”. Well this was until temporary tattoos came into the limelight. There are some innovations that are absolutely brilliant and we can’t imagine our life without them. For us, temporary tattoo is an absolute lifesaver. 50 temporary tattoo designs with applying tips will help you to become the part of tattooed community at least for a while.

Bright Sunflower Tattoo & Meaning

sunflower tattoo

This sunny flower is the best to characterize your individuality and this is why we are so much into sunflower tattoos. Besides of looking so adorable sunflower symbol tattoo is of unique meaning that makes this tattoo even more desirable. Let’s check out some bright sunflower tattoo designs and meaning and get better know the symbolism of flower tattoo.

Women Poppy Flower Tattoos

popy flower tattoo

Flower tattoo is always a good idea for women. When it comes to poppy flower tattoo, everything becomes even more romantic and ethereal. Those delicate red petals decorating woman’s body look absolutely fantastic. To make you fall in love with this adorable flower, we have prepared this amazing collection of women poppy flower tattoos.

60 Best Rose Tattoos 2019

rose tattoo

One of the most appealing and popular flower tattoo is rose tattoo that looks amazing on woman and man’s body. Besides of looking so perfect the queen of the flowers has the most interesting meaning and symbolism. As a tattoo it can tell much about your personality so be careful when choosing rose tattoo. To help you find the best flower tattoo we have picked 60 best rose tattoos 2019 with symbolism and meaning.   

Top 50 New Watercolor Tattoo Designs 2019

watercolor tattoo

Tattooing is one of the most fascinating ways to decorate body. Humans used this original trick to get social ranking and scare enemy, get protection by totem animal and get the blessings of gods. Today, we are wearing tattoos mostly as decorations. Still we respect the meaning and symbolism of each symbol. One of the most eye catching tattoo styles seen around is watercolor tattooing. We have searched top popular styles in tattoo trends and we have found fantastic examples to be inspired. To make you get the top and fall in love with tattooing we have put together top 50 new watercolor tattoo designs 2019.

60 Hottest Armband Tattoo Designs for Men

armband tattoo for men

Tattoo trends 2019 are going to be extremely hot and mind blowing. All the beloved tattoo designs that were popular this season are going to be included in new trends. Moreover, all the tattoo styles that you liked so much are getting even more eye catching. Developing tattooing techniques and tricks are now making all your craziest ideas come true. For the beginning, we have a gallery of top 60 hottest armband tattoo designs for men that made us fall in love with this style once and for all.

Traditional Japanese Tattoo Ideas & History

japanese tattoo

Traditional Japanese tattooing have been the part of Asian culture for thousands of years. The ancient body art Irezumi is an important cultural aspect.  To understand Japanese culture you should learn the history of traditional Japanese tattoo and meaning.